—Burning Tree Book Publishing today announced it has signed its first authentic full blooded Gullah Geechie Guide and author Godfrey KHill Gullah Jac for a six-book deal and a collection of six short thrillers. 

Burning Tree Book Publishing will publish the first book, Gullah Geechie the Blood Root to Charleston’s Slave Trade and Redemption Rev 22, next month, and Gullah Geechee Unchained – Charleston Tourism Uncertified, the documentary, will be available for customers on March 7th.

After printing the Magical spelling words to the new book Gullah Geechie the Blood Root to Charleston’s Slave Trade and Redemption Rev 22, Godfrey Gullah Jac is going black into the studio booth to record the audio version of the book. The book’s audio version of the audio book and it will be available for customers very soon.

“For many years, I have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Free Hill Law Audio, a Burning Tree Book company, and later with Burning Tree Books. We have heard all of the great ones; all but this one here and he is very rare and very real. When I heard Godfrey speak, his voice alone told a story of passion and truth. We all knew we had to do an audio book deal immediately! His voice is strong and powerful unlike any of the others and it carries you and you feel him way down deep inside you. When you listen to Godfrey speak you can feel the ancestors moving and stirring from the vibrations of his real Gullah voice,” says Mark McDaniels, director of foreign rights. 

“Although there were numerous options for the future, it was most natural a fit for me to go with the natural flow and sign with the team that seems more like a family to me with the Burning Tree Book Publishing company. They presented me with publicity strategy and with a marketing plan that is much smarter and more grand than anything I had ever seen prior to now, Godfrey said. 

This new arrangement is very stimulating and it comes right on time. As a matter of fact, this new book deal comes in God’s perfect timing; I’ve been creatively resurrected and now I see with God’s Perfect Vision. I see the light and I’m happy to shine it bright to let you all see.

He gives me Twenty-Twenty vision to show me the Light of this New Year. 

The times are changing and the clock is still steady ticking and he is quietly toking with powerful whispers in a timed rhythmic beat steady as it goes on and off …… but what time is it really?? Ask the Sun, Stars and the Moon and they will all answer and tell you the truth. So what time is it?? Godfrey asks with a smile in his eyes; his big brown and red eyes. 

Its exhilarating to be where change is understood, embraced, searched for and welcomed with an open heart.” Healing only comes from discussing the matters at hand openly and honestly with an understanding that perspective is key.

“We are honored Godfrey KHill “Gullah Jac” has chosen Burning Tree Book Publishing to bring his newest work to all the readers,” says William Dickerson, production manager of Burning Tree Book Publishing. 

“Building on the success of Godfrey’s history of spells and teachings, his guided tours of secrets travel and his revolutionary accomplishments in the Holy City of Charleston South Carolina as a true holy warrior. Godfrey KHILL, his last name is pronounced “Kill”, get it right, Godfrey says.  

Gullah Geechie the Blood Root to Charleston’s Slave Trade and Redemption Rev 22 is our first publication together and we’re excited to expand our relationship with five more new books coming right after from Godfrey KHill and an episodic collection of short thrillers from Burning Tree Books Original Stories, delivering the kind of adrenaline-charged and deeply reverberating suspense his millions of fans expect and we know that even the new readers are going to love.”

Godfrey gives his customers a true one of a kind and the very best-story telling experience that is guaranteed to change their lives forever, and a thrilling fashion, and you can ask any of his customers, they will all testify to you saying the same thing. His passion is super natural and his words are pearls of wisdom, Mathew R Lennon says, director of publicity.

“Even after Godfrey has sold over 500 million copies, there will be new horizons much higher for Gullah Jac and he is going to explore his natural abilites and readers who haven’t yet discovered his work will be shocked and amazed,” say Amos Joy and Christopher Joseph, vice president and senior editor of Bulrush Management Co. “Godfrey is at the peak of his storytelling super powers and the Burning Tree has committed itself to a highly creative and ambitious publishing strategy that’s certain to delight his existing fans and create many more millions of new ones guaranteed. Artists of many different styles and gifts have been heavily inspired and many more will go on to also be inspired to write new powerful stories, poems, songs and movies just from listening to the words the comes out of Godfrey’s mouth, spiritual words that carry big weight. Where does his thoughts come from?? Each point that he makes seems to blow the mind away into another dimension of simple, amazing, colorful and exciting understanding.” 

The first book in the deal, Gullah Geechie the Blood Root to Charleston’s Slave Trade and Redemption Rev 22, introduces the Gullah Geechie culture from its true origins. This is the culture that has been totally exploited. Gullah Geechie is the culture that is controlled with historical and Biblical inaccuracies that today are finally being brought black from out of the dark blackness into the light to be seen with a clear eye that is focused in perfect twenty-twenty vision.

The God of the Gullah Geechie people is a terrible and a jealous God that promises to bring a Mighty Vengeance against the slave traders and slave breakers and all their children who ruled and profited heavily off of Charleston’s Bloody Slave Trade from stealing, torturing and killing His Gullah Geechie people and for never letting them go free. The jewelry and hidden treasures of history are the legendary lost tribe of the Gullah Geechie.     

You will also see the secrets to the history of Jesus Christ. It was kept a secret under the law and under the law they lynched and hanged Jesus Christ and killed him on a Hanging Tree, Acts 5:30 The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree. 

In the exact same manner, the slaves of Charleston’s Holy City were lynched and hanged on a Hanging Tree under the curse of the law; in the city that rules religion and has more churches than Rome, they hanged their slaves under the curse of the law. 

Galatians 3:13 Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree.

Gullah Jac tells his family’s history from his family’s perspective and this is the history the slave owners forbid their slaves to know or else the would be lynched and killed by hanging, under the law.

Jesus Christ is the King of the Gullah Geechie people and Gullah Jac is Black to unveil the secrets of the Holy City of Charleston and the Gullah Geechie people. Godfrey KHill has a brilliant mind and he is the only man alive with the Biblical and Historical facts to reveal the greatest secrets the city of Charleston has killed in order to keep its slave’s history in secret and all the Charleston tour guides still remain quite till this very day. Godfrey Gullah Jac talks about the slave history many people come to learn about but Charleston’s slave owning descendants that still rule over Charleston chose not talk about it.  

Gullah Geechie the Blood Root to Charleston’s Slave Trade and Redemption Rev 22 is planned for publication February 2020. 

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KHill’s Black History Gullah Geechie collection features six short thrillers following a mysterious black man that was hit on his head and suffers from the severe blow that caused his amnesia. He’s a hated holy warrior called Gullah Jac or King Author and he travels from city to city, dispensing justice whenever the law fails to see it with twenty twenty vision. 

Readers and listeners can download the collection as an Audible audiobook coming soon. His book will be published in Thirty-Three languages. 

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